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    The Power of Culture & Globalization

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    In preparation for this assignment, visit the National Geographic's Globalization site and read sections I through IV. As you read, be sure to answer the following question:

    Next, browse the Vanishing Cultures Photo Gallery and think about the effects of globalization on the cultures described in the previous sections.

    Then, create a four-column chart (see example below) with the column headings "American culture," "European culture," "Asian cultures" and "Indigenous cultures" (Note that indigenous cultures are those similar to the cultures featured on the "Vanishing Cultures" site.) Name the rows "positive" and "negative." Within the cells of the chart, list one positive and one negative impact that globalization might have on these cultural groups. Conduct additional research as needed to create a complete list.

    Finally, include a one to two paragraph discussion answering the following question. Be sure to include examples in your discussion:

    Which country's culture seems to be impacting the world the most?
    Is globalization a good thing, a bad thing, or a combination of good and bad?
    Four column chart example:

    American Culture
    European Culture

    Indigenous Cultures

    Positive Effects of Globalization

    Negative Effects of Globalization

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    Dear Student,

    The table/chart I created for you to use in your globalization study is in the attachment, together with the word version of the 3-paragraph reflection on globalization I written to get you started. It is rather 'too big' to be included here and it is better presented via the word version as it is laid out as a table. You will find that while the table is concise, it can still be expanded. Go on ahead and revise/add to it, then print it out to use as your guide. The National Geographic site listed resources for use on the module so I used them for reference here. Read them too, particularly the ones I listed that influence this solution so you can use it for your classroom discussions. Good Luck! Thank you for using Brainmass.

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones


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    The solution is based on a National Geographic resource site discussing the various ways culture is shared & assimilated through migration & global trade between nations & peoples. The topic being broad, a table Chart is provided to analyze the positive & negative effects of globalization in the spread of a particular culture & its increasing adaptation.