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International business markets

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Greetings, I require assistance in completing the following tasks. Each task can be a few paragraphs long. APA with references required.

1.Need an essay on how the political environment affects international business operations. .

2.For this essay I need to outline fiscal concerns that organizations should be aware of when conducting operations internationally. Items in this essay should include details on interest rates, global purchasing power, currency, and foreign exchange. .

3. In this essay, I have evaluate how culture can influence international business strategies. .
4.For this essay, I have to define globalization and describe the concept/process of globalization as it applies to international business. Include examples. .

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International business markets are examined. Political environment affects international business operations are discussed.

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1.Need an essay on how the political environment affects international business operations.

The political environment heavily impacts international business operations, and any business that seeks to expand internationally must first conduct research on the political environment in the country they seek to expand to. Therefore, the business has to recognize that politics will influence the organizational culture of the country, politicians have the authority and autonomy to influence business decisions that impact any business, and economic development within the country is also influenced by the political will of the country. In reference to international business operations, there are two types of different political environments that may exist, which include an open environment and a closed environment. In an open environment, the political system is democratic while in the closed environment, the political system is autocratic or communist. Open political systems entail a capitalistic market while communist systems also must engage in capitalism in the 21st globalized economy, there form of capitalism is controlled by the dictatorship or autocratic government. Military governments also fall under this definition.

Businesses must understand that political decisions in closed systems will negatively impact their business if the business doesn't account for the fact that the markets in these countries can be driven by decisions that are outside of their control. In a free market system, the business could face volatility, but it will be predicated upon market ...

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