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International business markets

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Greetings, I require assistance in completing the following tasks. Each task can be a few paragraphs long. APA with references required.

1.Need an essay on how the political environment affects international business operations. .

2.For this essay I need to outline fiscal concerns that organizations should be aware of when conducting operations internationally. Items in this essay should include details on interest rates, global purchasing power, currency, and foreign exchange. .

3. In this essay, I have evaluate how culture can influence international business strategies. .
4.For this essay, I have to define globalization and describe the concept/process of globalization as it applies to international business. Include examples. .

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1.Need an essay on how the political environment affects international business operations.

The political environment heavily impacts international business operations, and any business that seeks to expand internationally must first conduct research on the political environment in the country they seek to expand to. Therefore, the business has to recognize that politics will influence the organizational culture of the country, politicians have the authority and autonomy to influence business decisions that impact any business, and economic development within the country is also influenced by the political will of the country. In reference to international business operations, there are two types of different political environments that may exist, which include an open environment and a closed environment. In an open environment, the political system is democratic while in the closed environment, the political system is autocratic or communist. Open political systems entail a capitalistic market while communist systems also must engage in capitalism in the 21st globalized economy, there form of capitalism is controlled by the dictatorship or autocratic government. Military governments also fall under this definition.

Businesses must understand that political decisions in closed systems will negatively impact their business if the business doesn't account for the fact that the markets in these countries can be driven by decisions that are outside of their control. In a free market system, the business could face volatility, but it will be predicated upon market ...

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International business markets are examined. Political environment affects international business operations are discussed.

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Healthcare in Taiwan

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Our company will be a small niche medical company located in Taiwan. The company will employ about 60 people. These employees will consist of operations personnel and company staff such as Medical Doctors, Occupational Medical Director, Registered Nurses, Employee Health Safety staff, and Benefits Advisor. The building itself will have three floors with the main floor being for prescription drug storage, customer service, and offices, while bottom floor contains more offices is primarily for rehabilitation for the elderly and the upper floor will be used for laboratory research and development and diagnostics
The products that the company will hold are products that are affiliated with the ongoing health issues in Taiwan such as, heart disease, cancer, and rehabilitation. The product that will be held for heart disease will consist of Accupril, Inspra, and Norvasc. These medicines are the most prescribed brand name high blood pressure medicines worldwide. They help to treat high blood pressure, heart failure, and easy blood flow through arteries. Cancer products will consist of Aromasin, Camptosar, and Ellence. These medicines are used for the treatment of breast cancer, colon cancer, and the rid of any tumor cells in the body.
With the continuing health concerns in Taiwan the National Health Insurance program accounts for more than 60 percent of all health costs. Taiwan is also very advanced in technology and with that technology used for research and development our company seeks to make substantial profits.
The company will like to expand internationally for various reasons. Taiwan's economy is ranked among the 20 largest in the US. And at the same time, Taiwan also has an increasingly growing population which is spending a big amount of their income on healthcare. There is strong demand in Taiwan for numerous medial products and services. Some of which include those related to orthopedics, rehabilitation, cardiology, and diagnosis particularly pertaining to cancer. Additionally, due to increased male and female life expectancy in Taiwan, the demand for medial products for senior citizens continues to grow. In part, the United States has exported approximately USD 161 million in medial products to Taiwan in 2003 1. For this reason, a distributor in Taiwan can assist US exporters with the process.
Taiwan's market offers ample opportunities for US firms to profit from a strong and growing demand for advanced medical supplies. They have an aging population together combined with other factors such as high population density. In 2004, the average per capita expenditure on healthcare was US$847 of a total per capita GDP of $13,529 2.
Our company will profit from the sales of medial products for the elderly, more specifically for heart disease and cancer patients, two of the leading causes of death in Taiwan. In Taiwan, the overall medical device market is projected to grow at a rate of 3-5 percent per year while implantable devices grow at an annual rate of 6-10 percent2.
The Taiwan market for implantable devices has been growing rapidly as a result of their growing elderly population and patients increased awareness of new implant technologies. One of our company's major forces for improving the healthcare of Taiwan's population are the new innovations in medial devices. Cardiovascular and hear diseases are the two leading causes of death in Taiwan that have highly contributed for the demand of heart implants. The Taiwan market's demand for implantable medical devices was forecasted to reach approximately US$123.4 million in 2005. The market demand grew 29.5 percent from its previous years2. For years the US supplies 90% of Taiwan's vascular grafts, 80% of ACID and artificial heart valves and 70% of intraocular lenses2. Taiwan's economy continues to grow steadily and our company is looking forward to expanding internationally to Taiwan.
Taiwan is the seventh largest trading partner of the US with over US$50 billion in two-way trade . The region is an excellent market for many types of products and services and our company will take advantage of this opportunity. In conclusion, we will provide medical products that will improve the healthcare technologies sector.

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