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Question about Pros and Cons of Globalization

Opponents to globalization, like your colleague, complain that the benefits of globalization are not being shared fairly. Specifically that globalization does not necessarily "help" people in developing countries. Opponents also fear it homogenizes the world as it destroys diversity of cultures and language.

Explain the strengths and weaknesses of these arguments. Provide outside information to support your thoughts.

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We tend to think of globalization in terms of the economic expansion of our own country's industrial, financial, information and technological resources, and in those terms, your opponent is correct about the benefits not being shared fairly. The effects and benefits cannot be shared fairly when people come together from different levels of development. For a very simple argument, one might say that technology won't help an economy in which the use of electrical power isn't uniform across the culture.

Beyond the economic factors in globalization, there are also concepts of social, cultural and political globalization. As history will tell, ...

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