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Benefits and Costs of Globalization to Businesses

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Analyze the benefits and costs of the globalization to businesses. Tie in core values such as responsible stewardship, integrity and excellence.

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The solution discusses the benefits and costs of globalization to business.

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Globalization offers many rewards and challenges to organizations. Globalization is a natural evolution of business. Money and information flow more quickly now than ever before. Goods and services are available in more parts of the world. With globalization comes a few challenges:

- Globalization makes rich companies richer. Laws regarding labor are different in some parts of the worlds, allowing countries who have been traditionally subjected to restrictive labor laws to profit from the labor whose country has less restrictive laws. These laws may go against the core value of the company as well as individuals who do business with the companies.

- Companies may be accused of social injustice due to unfair working conditions, lack of adequate ...

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