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    Organizational Psychology Questions

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    1. What are the benefits of having a strong organizational culture? What are some of the drawbacks? (Make sure to support your answer with at least one outside source.)
    2. What impact does globalization have on organizational design and culture? (Make sure to support your answer with at least one outside source.)

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    1. Several definitions have been advanced in the literature on culture, applicable to the culture in an organization. For example, "culture" is described as an arrangement of different alternatives that provide an expression of the organization. Based on another definition, it is considered as the different behavior and values that guides an organization to success. Finally, culture means favoring an individualized set of beliefs, behaviors and values of a society (Gelfand, Leslie, Keller, Kirsten, & de Dreu, 2012, 1132). Thus, as Gelfand et al explain, to understand organizational culture, these ideas and/or beliefs are shared within the organization. Among the benefits of an organizational culture, this sharing may have both benefits and drawbacks. Organizational culture includes the following benefits and drawbacks:

    (a) Benefits

    *Organizational cultures explain how employees think and build decisions.
    *It determines ways to organize and conduct behavior.
    *Organizational culture holds the organization together.
    *The culture in the organization is a base for ...

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    This solution discusses the benefits of a strong organizational culture. It outlines some of the drawbacks of an organization including, and notes the impact globalization may have on the organizations's culture.