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Scenerios for organizational psychology

1. Organizational psychology is a branch of industrial-organizational psychology.
Describe the areas that fall under the industrial and organizational side and identify which most interest you and why?

2. Frederick Winslow Taylor, Max Weber, and Kurt Lewin are recognized for significant early contributions to the field or organizational psychology. Select one of these individuals and discuss who they were, the background and contribution to the field.

3. Division 14 of the American Psychological Association is called the Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists. Go to the societyĆ¢??s website at www.siop.org and identify an area of interest to you and discuss it in class.

4. Your organization wants to use a new assessment tool that will help determine who may be a good candidate in some of the new management positions that have been created. One instrument they are considering is a self-reporting assessment. You are asked to research the validity of self-reporting instruments and report it to your boss. Please identify any validity concerns you may have with self-reporting instruments and the controversy surrounding self-reporting.

5. Your consultant firm needs to conduct more research with local businesses in your medium sized city. How would you gain access to conduct research and possible consult?

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