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    Organizational Psychology: Quick Summary

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    Examine the field of organizational psychology. In your examination, be sure to address the following items:

    o Define organizational psychology.
    o Explain the role of research and statistics in organizational
    o Describe how organizational psychology can be used in organizations.

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    Organizational Psychology: Quick Discussion

    Organizational Psychology is a 'sub-study' within the bigger discipline of General Psychology, a specialization where the theories and elements of psychology are applied in organizations and a workplace structure. It is also known as Industrial Organizational Psychology or IO psychology studying the relationship of man and the organizational or workplace structure through the concepts and mechanics of the workplace via the application and extension of principles and theories of psychology ...

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    The solution is a quick yet concise explanation of the field of organizational psychology - what it is about, how it is related to the general study of psychology and other specializations, how it utilizes research and statistics, and its importance & use in managing and running an organization. References are provided. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.