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    The Field of Organizational Psychology

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    Examine the field of organizational psychology and address the following things:

    1. Define organizational psychology.
    2. Explain the role of research and statistics in organizational psychology.
    3. Describe how organizational psychology can be used in organizations.

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    1. Define organizational psychology (OP).

    Organizational psychology (also called industrial psychology or industrial/organizational psychology) is "the study of the structure of an organization and of the ways in which the people in it interact, usually undertaken in order to improve the organization?(http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-definitions/organizational%20psychology).

    OP is concerned with analyzing the external and internal system dynamics that maximize performance excellence of individual and work groups in an organization. Organizational Psychology focuses on the human factor of business. It studies the behavior of people at work and covers application of applied and social psychology to various dimensions of work-related behavior, such as accident proneness, fatigue, mental health, safety; appraisal, selection and training of employees, personal relations and conflicts, management control systems, and interactions among humans, machines, and the environment (http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/occupational-psychology.html).

    2. Explain the role of research and statistics in organizational psychology.

    Organizational psychology is the scientific discipline and by definition, research and statistics are the center of the Organizational psychology. It is based on the scientist-practitioner perspective, where the use of evidence-based practices depends on the integrity of the correct use of research methods and techniques to systematically collect data, and analyzing them in a meaningful way. In other words, reliability and validity is imperative to make the data meaningful for application to the workplace. In fact, in order to apply this research based evidence to the Interventions on leadership, conflict, job performance, employee stress, job satisfaction, and ...

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