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    Stress levels, workplace politics, downsize, globalization

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    1. How has technology impacted organizational stress levels? What responsibilities, if any, do organizations have to reduce employee stress?

    2. What are some examples of positive and negative politics in your workplace?

    3. When an organization decides to downsize, what ethical issues should a manager consider?

    4. How does globalization impact your organization? What issues arise in doing business globally?

    5. Do you consider your organization to be a learning organization? Why or why not? (I work for a University in the Math Department)

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    Organizational Behavior

    Answer 1

    Impact of Technology and Work Stress
    Presently, all kinds of organizations use technologies, which ultimately improve the productivity of the organizations. According to a survey accomplished by the Kensington Technology Group, technology eventually increases the work stress of workers (Office World News, 1999). It is the responsibility of the organizations to reduce the level of stress in working environment. All the employees are not familiar with the technology and its functions, which increases their stress. In order to reduce the stress due to the technologies, organization should provide training to the employees.

    It is must for the management to provide education to the employees about the latest technology over them they are going to work. This understanding will help them to increase the productivity and they will enjoy working with the technology instead of feeling stress (Impact of Technology on Work Related Stress, n.d.).

    Answer 2

    Positive and Negative Politics in Organization
    Politics plays an integral role in the organizations. Organizational politics comprises the ways and activities that help to control the working behavior of employees to increase the productivity of the organization (Luthans, 1998). In a working place, both positive and negative kinds of politics are exists. The examples of positive politics are the utilization of power for the benefits of both organization ...

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    Stress levels, workplace politics, downsize and globalization are examined.