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    Stress Reduction and the Workplace

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    You are attending a lunch and learn session on stress reduction in the workplace. In order to prepare yourself for this meeting, write a paragraph explaining how you would reduce stress at work. Also, why do you believe this approach would be successful?

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    Stress is caused by various factors. Although not all of which are work-related of course, it doesn't reduce the employer's obligation to protect against the causes of stress at work. Causes of stress - known as stressors - are often placed into two categories: external stressors and internal stressors. The external stressors are physical conditions such as heat or cold, stressful psychological environments such as working conditions and abusive relationships, e.g. bullying. I would be sure to keep the temperature of the work environment within a comfortable level. On the other hand, internal stressors are physical ailments such as infection or inflammation, or psychological problems such as worrying about something. In relation to the last point, I would encourage ...

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    This solution explains how to reduce stress at work and also provides the rationale for whether or not this approach would be successful.