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I would just like someone to answer these questions

1. If you experience bullying at work who should you contact in the first instance.

2. List three examples of changes to your personal circumstances that would need that would need to be reported to your emplayer.

3. Give one example of a Health&Safety regulation and explain why it applies to your workplace.

4.what are the main changes that have taken place in business adminstration over the last few years ( changes in tecnology or centralisation)

just a few of sentences for each question thanks

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1. a) First, you need to speak to the bully. A direct approach is usually the best. Tell the person that you find their behaviour unacceptable and ask them to stop. This is sometimes all that is needed. Bullies do not like being confronted particularly by someone who is calm and civilised.

b) Tell your manager or supervisor. If it is one of them who is bullying you, go and tell their manager. They may not believe you but you have at least told them there is ...

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