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    Labor laws and examples within an organization

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    Labor laws, that is, laws that govern the relationship, and enforce standards of conduct, between employers and the employed, exist because frictionless economic efficiency can often operate to the disadvantage of the employed, even to the point of the violation of the basic civil rights of the employed. Expand on why labor laws exist and provide three (3) examples within an organization of how labor laws are used.

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    Labor laws exist to protect workers and more specifically, to protect the rights of workers. We have many different types of labor laws in the U.S. Other countries have additional labor laws, while yet other countries are completely lacking in labor laws. In the U.S., three of the most widely known labor laws include minimum wage, anti-discrimination laws, and child labor laws.

    All states in the U.S. must follow minimum wage laws. No employer can legally pay a worker any amount below the minimum wage for that specific state. In states where there are laws which set minimum wage above the federal minimum level, that is the amount that must be paid to workers (the higher of the two - state or federal). Minimum wage laws are part of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The minimum wage laws were designed to ensure that all workers receive at least a minimum amount, so that employers cannot pay a worker an unreasonably low wage for their work. Minimum wage laws generally increase every one to three years, and the ...

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    This solution discusses labor laws. Three examples of common labor laws are explained, and the effect that the labor laws has on the organization is noted. Additional references in regards to each labor law discussed is provided for student expansion.