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Discuss: Employment Laws in the Private Sector

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Do the employment laws affecting the private sector work as they are designed to in the U.S.? Have they worked in the past? Do they need to be revised in light of new topics related to employment?

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In about 545 words, including one reference, this solution discusses the topic of employment laws and how they have been affecting private sector work.

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Running Head: Employment Laws

Employment Laws: Effect of Employment Laws on Private Sector Work

If we go through the employment laws designed in the U.S., we can confer that laws are affecting the work of private sector in a prominent manner as some of them take it in a positive manner and some oppose it. Employment laws are mended for the benefit of employees and as well as for the organization. Appropriate follow up of employment laws encourage employees towards their organization and they give their optimum output to the organization, which is essential for the success of an organization in the present competitive and unstable environment.

By analyzing vital employment laws, we can exhibit that these laws also make an effect on the work of private sector as if we talk about "minimum wage law" that places a ...

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