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    Is Freedom of Speech Revocable in the Private Sector?

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    The First Amendment guarantees our freedom of speech. However, this amendment only applies to government (state or federal) agencies and does not apply to employees in the private sector. Employees do not have the right to discuss non-work related issues and expect the same protections. For example, a coworker routinely uses profane language while communicating with other employees. This same employee has on occasion also used profane language when interacting with customers both in person and on the phone. While using profane language is a form of speech and some employers may allow it, it is important to realize that it is a privilege revocable at any time. Do you agree or disagree with the application of this? Why or why not?

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    I agree with the application that freedom of speech can be revocable in the private sector. A place of employment is a place where everyone should feel comfortable to work. A workplace where one person is using profane language can create an intimidating and hostile work environment. The profanity may be offensive to reasonable people and thought of as harassment. Harassment in a work environment is against the law. If an employer is aware of the profanity and ...

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    Whether freedom of speech is revocable in the private sector will be discussed. A scenerio regarding a co-working using profanity will be discussed and analyzed. Whether he has the right to speak in this way in the private sector will be explained.