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    Freedom of Speech vs. Ethical Speech

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    Please provide assistance with the following questions:

    - What are the differences between "free" speech and "ethical" speech?
    - Could ethical speech conflict with free speech?
    - What role do ethics play in communication?
    - Provide an example of ethical communication that relates to your research.
    - Does the harm from a hate speech lead to restricting the freedom of speech?

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    Free" Speech versus "Ethical" Speech

    Please provide assistance with the following questions:

    What are the differences between "free" speech and "ethical" speech?

    Freedom of speech is a measure that allows individuals to protest opposition to government initiatives, public circumstances, political agendas, and political administrations as long as the protest, speech and opposition remain peaceful. Freedom of speech enables people to acknowledge opposition of imposed policies or procedures. Freedom of speech gives you an opportunity to disagree as long as the disagreement does not result in violence, as a result of, provoked anger and confrontation that stems from intent to harm others. For example, during the Ferguson protests in the latter part of 2014, protesters exercised their rights to freedom of speech through protests. As tensions between citizens and law enforcement became more volatile the shouting increased, thus creating a negative and violent environment (some protestors shouted obscenities and set police cruisers on fire).Protests, flag burning, war protests are all considered acceptable forms of freedom of speech, as long as an individual does not harm anyone, disrespect the military by burning draft cards, or using obscene language on school property.

    In Nevada, on the Las Vegas Strip, peddlers (people who go from place to place distributing small goods) often hand pedestrians or tourists pornographic material to anyone who walks by regardless of whether they refuse to accept it or not. Unfortunately, peddlers were protected under freedom of speech for several years, recently however, the Clark County Commission voted to ban peddlers from the Strip, or at least reduce the majority of peddling activity. This may be an ongoing battle if peddlers dispute a vote that could potentially violate their First Amendment rights of free speech.
    It is my belief that freedom of speech is a slippery slope that is in a constant phase of development, as a result of, today's new generation, an ever-evolving culture, the prevalence of innovative technology, and new terms and phrases that are offensive to a diverse sect of people.

    Ethical speech is a measure of professionalism for individuals who are a representative of a company, team, or group. Ethical speech is a method that prevents slanderous or defaming speech of an employee, coworker, or colleague. For instance, if a public personality makes a derogatory statement regarding an ethnic group of people an organization may terminate the public ...

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