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    1. To what extent do employees retain the right to freedom of speech on the Job? Off the job? Explain and give examples.

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    // We all know that Freedom of Speech relates to the right to speak one's mind out. Everyone has right of speech, and it extends to the rights of a person at the workplace. We will discuss about this with relevant examples. //

    The right to freedom of speech is accepted as a human right, which states that everyone has a right to speak freely without imposing any limitations, but it also has certain limits to it, particularly when freedom of speech has negative impact on other values of rights. Similarly, right of freedom of speech also prevails in and off the workplace. If this right is not practiced in a healthy manner, it can harm the employees, the organization as well as the society. Thus, an employee enjoys the right of speech but in the restricted manner to protect them from hurting ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 528 words with references.