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Protecting employee constitutional rights

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Discuss the freedoms that public sector employees have in areas such as speech, association, privacy, and due process. Discuss each of these and their importance to public sector workers. Focus on the analysis of these freedoms or constitutional rights that public sectors workers have and the implications for public agencies. In the same response, discuss the ways that HRM protects these rights in the workplace for public sector employees.

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The solution discusses the freedoms that public sector employees have in areas such as speech, association, privacy, and due process

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The constitutionally protected right of freedom of speech is important to public-sector employees due to the fact that they have the freedom to express themselves verbally in respect to their opinions, but due to the fact that many public-sector jobs are at will employment these days, any speech that is viewed as derogatory towards government and or their public-sector institution can cause their dismissal. Although the reason for the dismissal would not be disclosed as because of their speaking against the establishment, for obvious reasons. Public sectors also have the same ...

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