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Careers in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

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Based on your experience or readings, discuss the career possibilities available to Supply Management professionals in first ten years of this century.

What, in your judgment, is the basic difference between career potentials for Purchasing and Supply Management professionals in the public and private sectors? In which sector, in your judgment, is the potential for career growth greater during the next ten years?

Are the skill sets different for Purchasing and Supply Management professionals who plan for employment in the public sector from those who plan for a career in the private sector?

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The solution is discusses careers in purchasing and supply chain management in the public and private sector in 448 words.

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There are several career possibilities to Supply Management professional in the first ten years of this century. The most common job type will be related to Purchasing. This can either be a Pruchasing Agent role or a buyer role. If a supply chain person is just starting his career, then this would be a good starting point. As one progresses in his career, he can become a manager who manages a team of buyers or even become a VP of Purchasing if it is a large corporation. Another field is related to Warehouse and Logistics management. Logistics is becoming more and more important and it will become critical to manage the logistics piece of a company efficiently. Warehouse manager ...

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