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    War on Unions by Politicians

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    We have seen political attacks on unions in recent years by governors in the states of Ohio (Governor John Kasich and Issue 2/Senate Bill 5), Michigan (Governor Rick Snyder and Senate Bill 116/House Bill 4003), and Wisconsin (Governor Scott Walker and Senate Bill 11). We have seen major corporations go bankrupt due to union leaders being unwilling to negotiate benefits in a manner that would help the company remain viable (i.e. Hostess Brands' failed negotiation attempt with the Bakers Union to reduce benefits and subsequent insolvency). With this as the landscape and backdrop, do you think there is a "war on unions" by politicians? What is right-to-work and how do these laws impact unionized employers and employees?

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    Right-to-work laws allow workers to refuse to join a union and pay union dues, even if they're employed in a unionized workplace. These laws have been detrimental to unions for obvious reasons as even if an employee is in a majority unionized workplace, the person can opt out of the union. If a significant number of employees choose to opt out of the union despite a majority of workers wanting the union, this equals loss fees and strength on behalf o the ...

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