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    The Pros and Cons of Unions

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    Many would acknowledge that at one time unions were good for workers and the country as they were able to help workers obtain safer and healthier working conditions, higher pay, and a variety of legal protections. On the other hand, many argue that they have outlived their usefulness and contribute to lower competitiveness and a decline in the value of merit (with the union emphasis on seniority).

    What are three things that you think are positive about unions and three things that you think are negative? Are unions good or bad? Explain and provide reasons for your opinion. Discuss any personal experiences or observations that you may have had with unions that support your opinion. (If you have personally not had a personal experience, research on the net for a case study that supports your opinion.)

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    Some positive things about unions include the fact that unions often provide important benefits to their members, such as funding sources to ensure members against unemployment. Unions are instrumental in collectively bargaining with employers for better working conditions, ...