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Unionism: Pros and Cons

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Discuss how unionism can have a positive as well as negative consequence for mangement.

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"It's likely the way you look at unions isn't from an unbiased, objective perspective. Obviously, labor and management that have ongoing issues with each other will see things differently, but often people that really have no attachment to unions at all will harbor deep felt opinions, potentially stemming from a specific political persuasion. Since it's very difficult to put this aside, let's try to see the pros and cons from each of the two perspectives.


The Pros: The ability to organize labor made a tremendous impact in our development as a nation. It pushed well beyond legislation and led the fight in workers' rights, safety, wages, etc. While the majority of the safety and worker rights strides reside in history books, wages and benefits are clearly where unions benefit the worker today. Millions of people would ...