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Unionization: Pros & Cons

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Assistance with a 300 word paper that reflects APA style with references that supposes the following: You are the Human Resource Director for a 500-bed hospital. You have learned that the American Professionals Union is attempting to unionize your 1,000 registered nurses. The CEO has asked you to draft a plan to attempting to remain union free. I need detailed verbiage for the pros and cons for this argument.

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The argument is that the CEO wants to remain union free.

The pro of this argument is that a union free workforce saves its employers at least 30% in operating costs. This cost saving is critical in making a company competitive. Apart from the operating costs, there are other issues such as collection of union dues, paying labor attorneys during labor negotiations, and paying attorneys during grievances. Unionization pushes up the costs for the CEO. The workers also get harassed because of the union. They have to pay union dues, they get fired for refusing to pay dues, and they may lose employment because of union ...

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Unionization and its pros and cons are explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.