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    Expanding Unionization and Occupational Complaints

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    What kinds of occupational complaints do service workers have? Would unionization may be able to help resolve some of those complaints?

    Is there any reason why a "new collar" worker would not want the same benefits and clout that "blue collar" workers were able to get by unionizing? What might be some of the reasons why a "new collar" worker would be hesitant to join a union?

    What do you feel are the future prospects of unions in the service industry? Why?

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    (1) Some of the complaints are:
    - safety protection (depending on the job)
    - unreasonable production demands
    - unaffordable health insurance (some employers don't even provide any)
    - no retirement plan
    - low wages

    (2) Unionization could help in the following areas:
    - unreasonable production demand (by negotiating with employers - however it's not a guarantee that everybody would follow it in the end)
    - low wages
    As for safety protection, there is Occupational Safety & Health ...

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