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Expanding Unionization and Occupational Complaints

What kinds of occupational complaints do service workers have? Would unionization may be able to help resolve some of those complaints?

Is there any reason why a "new collar" worker would not want the same benefits and clout that "blue collar" workers were able to get by unionizing? What might be some of the reasons why a "new collar" worker would be hesitant to join a union?

What do you feel are the future prospects of unions in the service industry? Why?

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(1) Some of the complaints are:
- safety protection (depending on the job)
- unreasonable production demands
- unaffordable health insurance (some employers don't even provide any)
- no retirement plan
- low wages

(2) Unionization could help in the following areas:
- unreasonable production demand (by negotiating with employers - however it's not a guarantee that everybody would follow it in the end)
- low wages
As for safety protection, there is Occupational Safety & Health ...

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