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    Labor Relations in American and the Globalized Society

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    I need some ideas and concepts for these topics:
    The future trends in Labor Relations in the globalized society.
    Factors which will most influence unionization in the United States and globally.
    Historical information regarding unions that may carry from now into the future.
    How unionization affects individual employees, management, and companies in general.
    Interests the union itself may try to maintain, despite organizational needs or goals.
    The role of federal regulation and governmental entities.
    Local versus national unions and how these groups may affect future and global unionization.
    Challenges multi-national companies must prepare for in order to successfully compete in a future global business setting.

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    future trends in Labor Relations in the globalized society.

    The future trends that will shape labor relations in the global society entail shifting demographic patterns, the pace of technological change, and the path of economic globalization. Quintessentially, because of the advances in technology, relations in a globalized society will require requires to be highly skilled and mandate the need for higher productivity and growth, which will alter the organization of business and the nature of employment relationships. The impact labor relations will have is predicated upon the reality in globalization wherein growing trade in intermediate goods and services, expanding capital flows, more rapid transfer of knowledge and technologies, and mobile populations necessitates companies use inexpensive, rapid communications and information transmission that are facilitated by the IT revolution.


    Factors which will most influence unionization in the United States and ...

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    This solution of 585 words discusses labor relations in american and the globalized society, touching on topics like future trends, factors affecting unionization, interests of the union, role of federal regulation, local and national unions as well as challenges for a company on a global business setting. All references used are included.