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    Human Resources Labor Relations

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    would you all agree that labor relations and unionization are heavily debated topics? A brief look at the history of organized labor in the United States and the current harsh labor conditions among some developing countries bring forth some tough concepts to consider.

    Would you agree that society generally expects much more of health care workers than workers in other industries?

    Do health organizations have the best interests in mind for their workers?

    Who looks after the needs of health workers, such as Green (2014) asserted in his video? (If interested in viewing the brief video, please see the link below.)

    assume you have recently been placed in the role of human resources in a health care organization. How would you advise the health care administrators in your organization to respond to potential unionization within your organization? Remember to use empirical evidence to support your claims and rationale.

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    Introduction and History of Unionization
    Unionization refers to the process of allowing workers of organizations to join labor joins and other labor interest groups. The main purpose of a labor union is to protect rights and interest of workers through collective bargaining. History of unionized workers is very old in the USA. Federal Society of Journeymen Cordwainers is an example of a trade union which was formed in 1794 in Philadelphia (Docherty and Velden, 2012). In recent years, the percentage of unionization has reduced significantly from 20.1% in 1983 to 11.1% in 2013 (BLS, 2014).
    Need of Unionization
    From a legal point of view, the health care organizations should allow unionization for meeting regulatory requirements of the country. Section 7 of National Labour Relations Act 1935 of USA protects the right of self-organization to form, join and right to collective bargaining for the protection of their rights and interest (ILO, 2015). Organizations cannot prevent employees ...

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    This response discusses the labor relations and unionization in the context of health organizations. It is discussed whether society expects much more of health care workers than workers in other industries. Also, it is analyzed whether health organizations have the best interests in mind for their workers.