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Assessing the Evolution of Human Resource Management

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One role of seasoned, experienced human resources professionals is to mentor junior professionals. You have decided to share your expertise with a group of college students who are considering making human resources their profession.

Research and address the following:

- How has the field of human resource management evolved over the past ten years?
- Discuss how the HR professional acts as a strategic partner to senior leadership.
- Discuss the major specialty areas within the field, such as Employee Relations, Organizational and Employee Development, etc.
- What generally are the differences in responsibilities of an HR generalist and an HR specialist?
- What criteria would you recommend college students use to decide if human resources was the right profession for them?

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These answers should get you started. From here add your own knowledge and the specifics related to individual information provided by your class.

How has the field of human resources management evolved over the past ten years?

The field has moved from the keeper of resume's, applications, and benefits, to a department that helps guide the company during hiring, layoffs, strategic planning, and expansion. The HR now represents the company and has representation for employees as well. They formulate everything from talent management and hiring procedures, to conflict resolution, how to successfully process downturns in the economy in relation to workers, to knowing and understanding the laws and rules of employee management in all the different places the company does ...

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The evolution of human resource management are assessed. How the HR professional acts as a strategic partner to senior leadership is determined.

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