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The Evolution of the Role of a Human Resources Professional

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1. How has the role of the Human Resource professional evolved to a role that is both administrative and strategic? Given what you have read, describe what you view as the overarching purpose of the Human Resource function. From your own workplace, do you see evidence of both administrative and strategic tasks that support the overarching purpose of HR?

2. The evolution of the Human Resource function has been propelled by contextual influences such as laws, regulations, globalization and technological changes. What, in your opinion, is the most forceful of the contextual influences that have driven the evolution of the HR function - taking it from an administrative role to the strategic role it plays in organizations today? Since the evolution of the role is continuing, share what you view as the contextual influences impact the function today. Include in your answer with examples from your own workplace if possible. You may also include examples from organizations you have knowledge of outside your own employer.

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Discusses how the role of the Human Resource professional has evolved.

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1. In recent times, the role of human resource professional in an organization has become more strategic in nature. Top management and strategic planners are increasingly involving HR managers in the strategic planning process as HR is being considered one of the most important factors for obtaining strategic or competitive advantage. The overarching purpose of HR in today's times is to contribute towards the achievement of strategic goals and objectives by fulfilling both the administrative and strategic tasks.

In my own workplace, as well as at numerous leading organizations, I see that HR's role has shifted from being just an administrative function to a more strategic role that touches all the functional areas of an organization. HR managers closely work with top management and functional or departmental heads to chalk out strategies for different functional ...

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