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Human Resource Management Essay

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Write a reflective essay that summarizes how Human Resource Management has changed and expanded the way of thinking in a professional and academic sense. Share the concepts and issues that were of greatest interest to you and why. How do you plan to apply this new knowledge in your life or profession?

Support the document with at least five (5) resources. The document should reflect APA standards.

Length: 5-7 pages (not including title and reference pages).

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Human Resource Management has changed and expanded the way of thinking in a professional and academic sense. When Human Resource Management is applied to globalization, the focus has now turned to diversity. Diversity is not limited to color, race, religion, gender, or ethnicity, diversity in the global context also refers to diversity in knowledge, skills, and cultural adaptability. For example, in the global context the production factories in the home country have a hierarchical structure with focus on controls and achieving economies of scale. The same organization has several international units where there is a team based structure where the focus is on flexibility and adapting the response to local demand (1). The variety of organizational structures within the same organization has fascinated me. In my career as an HR professional I will use a variety of structures in different situations as companies strive to become globally competitive. One of the greatest challenges, that I have observed from the HRM perspective is the challenge of making multicultural individuals work together. In this context differences in culture does not come from differences in ethnicity or gender but from differences in their work background. Companies have people from diverse backgrounds coming together because of acquisition. If synergies are not developed fast among the individuals and teams from different companies that have merged, the result can be disastrous. Large scale layoffs are prescribed. The role of HRM in getting persons with different backgrounds, languages, customs, education, and age differences work together is an important challenge.

One of the issues that interested me tremendously was the change in the skill requirements of employees. There was constant demand for changes in skill requirements. If the skills were developed in a timely manner, the company would continue to remain competitive, productive, and produce quality products and services. Some companies take the extreme step of discharging workers whose skills are no longer relevant to them. At the same time they recruit workers that have the required ...

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