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    Trends and Challenges in HR management

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    I need help with the following please:
    Evaluate the effectiveness of various performance appraisal methods and possible problems affecting performance appraisals in HR management.

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    Trends and Challenges in HR Management:

    Performance appraisal methods are used by organization's to maximize effectiveness and efficiency of the employees. The various performance appraisal methods differ in terms of how effective and sustainable they can be. Performance appraisal is one of the activities which have to be conducted during the process of managing the performance of employees. Some of the performance appraisal methods involve the graphic rating scale, forced choice, management by objectives, essay type method, critical incidents, and forced distribution among others (Strategic human resource, n.d).

    The various performance appraisal methods are effective in several ways such as the Graphic ...

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    The trends and challenges in HR management are determined. Two references are provided to aid in the understanding of the solution.