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Cultural Impact on HR Planning

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How can culture affect human resource planning?

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Cultural Impact on HR Planning

Organizations are made up of people and function through people. Human resource is one of the most valuable and unique assets of an organization (Bratton & Gold, 2001). It is also one of the most complex and challenging fields of modern management (Whitefield, 2000). HR Planning in an organization permits the management to connect and direct the activities of the organization and management of personnel in an effective manner (Gentleman, Horrigan & Joyce, 1998). Human Resource Planning is concerned with the management of people who work in the organization to achieve the objectives of the organization. Culture and HR Planning are directly proportional to each other. Culture shapes the personality of an individual, which directly affect the HR planning in an organization (Bratton & Gold, 2001).

In the words of Camelo, et al., it is concerned with an acquisition of appropriate human resource, developing their skills and competencies, motivating them for giving best performance and ensuring their continued commitment to the organization to achieve organizational ...

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This solution discusses how culture impacts human resource planning.

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