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    HR professional for the Power One Solar

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    Based on the Power One organization - summary attached, write a strategic leadership and entrepreneurship analysis of 350- 500 words that addresses the following questions for the highest ranking HR professional for the Power One Solar space.
    1. What is your sphere of influence in your organization - from an Human Resource View? Based on this, what impact can you have on the implementation of your business plan?
    2. What is your own bias - from the Human Resource function within the organization?
    3. What hurdles do you anticipate from the Human Resource Function?
    4. What leadership style (s) will you have to demonstrate? Where do you fall short?
    5. What are your strengths and weaknesses as it relates to your business and providing Human Resources to the company in efforts to meet its objectives?
    6. How can you impact, influence others and your organization to deliver the results you expect?

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    1. From a HR view, the sphere of influence in my organization is quite strong because HR manager is involved extensively in the strategic planning process of the organization and the input and suggestions of HR managers is considered critical for the success of the strategic plan. Based on this, I can have a major impact on the implementation of the business plan because my suggestions and feedback are duly incorporated in the formulation of the strategic plan of the organization.

    2. My own bias is that I tend to work well in organizations that have a flexible culture with effective two way communication, empowered employees and decentralized ...

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