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    Solar Inverter industry analysis

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    Research segments of the general environment to write an environmental analysis of Power One renewable energy. Incorporate the 5 forces of competition to help write the industry analysis. Use the cage model (attached) to write the industry analysis. Also include what is seen as trends, outlook, or forecast for this type of organization.

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    Porter's Industry Analysis of 5 Forces:

    Rivalry Among Existing Competitors:

    The rivalry among the existing competitors in the solar inverter market can be termed as high. There is strong competition among numerous players such as SMA Solar, Schneider, Power One, Kaco, Eaton, Emerson, etc. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9% in the next 5 years due to increasing solar consumption. Further, technological advancement in this space due to extensive R&D investment by leading firms is also contributing to the growth. However, the slowdown in European market has negatively affected the growth of the solar inverter market.
    The Americas and Asia will see strong growth for solar inverter products and major players need to establish presence in these markets in order to remain competitive as well as to ensure strong growth in sales.

    Threat of Substitutes:

    The threat of substitutes for solar inverter industry is quite high because solar technology is still not proven yet in terms of reliability and the penetration rate of solar inverter is still quite low. Consumers have the option to opt for regular inverters rather than going for solar based inverters due to various factors such as low reliability, high cost of maintenance, etc. Further, solar inverter can be replaced by other renewable energy sources as well. Hence, in order to address the threat of substitutes, companies need to focus on improving reliability, functionality and reduce cost of these devices.

    Bargaining Power of Buyers:

    Bargaining power of buyers is high in this industry because of numerous factors such as availability of substitute products in front of buyers as well as low ...

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    Conducts analysis of solar inverter industry using Porter's industry analysis framework and CAGE model.