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    transfer function of the the unity gain inverter

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    Consider the unity gain inverter made with an opamp. The opamp is ideal except A(w) = B/jw where B, the unit gain bandwidth of the opamp, is a constant (rps).

    Find the transfer function H(w)=V0(w)/Vs(w) as a function of A.
    Substitute the expression for A(w) and find the magnitude and phase of H(w). Plot the magnitude (dB) and phase of H(w) on a Bode plot (vs log w).

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    (a) For a ideal unity gain inverter as the following

    In this analysis we need to take the open loop gain A to consideration.
    (1)(Negative and positive inputs of the opamp).

    Then at the negative node,

    The positive input
    Substituting VP and VN to equation (1) gives

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