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Power One Operational Plan

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Based on Power One Organiziaton provide a 500 word Operational Plan comes together that addresses following (guidelines):
What is the supply chain for Power One? Where does your organization bring value in this supply chain?
Who are your main partners and suppliers? What are their locations? What is your contingency plan?
How will you optimize operational effectiveness in your organization? How will you ensure your firm is lean?
Consider your operational plan from a value chain perspective and identify and discuss the primary and support activities.

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The supply chain of Power One begins with the suppliers of capacitors, electrical parts, and aluminum sheet that go into its manufacturing process. The products of Power One are photovoltaic Inverter products, wind inverters, and electric vehicle charging systems manufactured by Power One. The finished products are sold to owners of solar panels, municipalities, wind farms, and electric vehicle manufacturers. My organization is Power One. It brings value to the supply chain by manufacturing the products and marketing them to its users (1).
The main partners or suppliers of Power One are the suppliers who sell it capacitors, electrical parts, and aluminum sheets. Their locations are close to the manufacturing facilities of Power One. These facilities are located in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. The contingency plan of Power One is that it develops relationships with more than one supplier for one type of ...

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