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    Organizational Goals Pertaining to Military Organizations

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    What is the best way to discuss these questions pertaining to Military organizations.

    -What are the Operative goals in any Military Organization?
    -How do they stem from the organization's external environment?
    -How are they converted into action plans?

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    Operational Goals of any Military Organization:

    The best way to discuss the operative goals in any military organization is to understand the reasons for military actions in response to certain situations. The military actions often follow a given military plan in resolving an issue in favor of the country. These military actions may either be combat or non combat often referred to by a code name for security purposes.

    The primary operative goals for any military organization is mainly to defend its state and engage in combat should it be necessary and win. It does this by coordinating minute details of their tactics, strategy and the overall operative goals. It is important to note that the military is a mission oriented, competency based organization which is operational in nature. The operational goals of any military ...

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    The organizational goals pertaining to military organizations are examined.