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    Managing People to Achieve Effectiveness

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    HRM activities involve the acquisition and utilization of human resources:




    Training and Development



    Which one (choose only one) of the above is best implemented in a Military Organization? Explain?

    Which one (choose only one) of the above is lacking in Military Organization? What would your suggestions for improvements be?

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    Managing People to Achieve Effectiveness:

    In the organizational setting, it is paramount that the personnel is well managed to achieve company effectiveness. This will ensure that the operations of the company are well ordered and meet the needs of the customers. The developing of the Human Resource Management activities to be aligned with the operations of the company is very significant. This will lead to the development of an organizational culture that will boost the image of the corporation. Staffing securing levels will increase when they are treated with respected and their presence valued by organization. Accountability of the personnel to the set strategic organizational goals will occur providing the corporation with the needed productions levels. In the military and other organizations in the business realm, the HRM has activities that are undertaken to manage the performance levels of the employees (Human Resource, ...

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    The military organization's recruitment of HRM activity is briefly summarized.