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    Measurement of Conflict, Organizational Learning & Effectiveness

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    Using the concepts of organizational learning and effectiveness, act as a consultant for a firm, and "sell" them on the importance of designing and implementing a program for them. Include a discussion of the four models of organizational effectiveness and the new conflict management paradigm in your response.

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    Measurement of conflict and organizational learning effectiveness:

    Importance of designing and implementing a program:

    Organizational effectiveness and learning can be achieved by designing and implementing and also designing programs that offer competencies that are distinct and which sustain competitive advantage so that the organization can be able to achieve a strategy that is successful. This program helps the organization to acquire knowledge outside the organization through the market, technology or from people. This helps the organization to be aware of what the people outside the organization think about the company and helps the organization to produce products that meets the needs and wants of the market. Technology helps the organization to acquire information about the competitors and this will help the organization to come up with strategies to gain competitive advantage (Sarlak, 2011).

    These programs should be implemented fast so that the organization can thrive and be relevant. These programs should be aligned with strategies and communication systems should be developed so as to encourage the transfer of knowledge and information effectively throughout the organization. Communication from the top management is ...

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