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    Measuring Outcomes

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    What criteria do you use to measure outcomes against? What if you only had enough resources for three projects and two had to wait for more resources to become available? How do you measure their outcomes?

    What do you do since your three criteria are competing rather than supporting criteria? For example, usually you cannot achieve the best quality and maximize profits at the same time. You need to compromise on one or both.

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    //Before discussing the outcomes measurement criteria, firstly, we will discuss the problem in the Organization, in the process of allocating the scare resources. We will also discuss the process of the allocation of these resources.\

    All the organizations face the problem of allocation of scarce resources. There are various difficulties in the allocation of these scarce resources. The allocation of these scarce resources becomes more difficult in a competitive environment (Wheelen & Hunger, 2004). All the organizations allocate the scarce resources in competitive environment very carefully.
    After the allocation of these scarce resources, the organizations need to ensure whether the resources are allocated appropriately or not. The organizations ensure the appropriate allocation of resources through the measurement of outcomes of the organizations. The organization can measure its outcomes on the basis of different criteria.
    // After discussing the problem in allocation of scare resources, now, we will discuss the term 'Outcomes Measurement'. Then, we will discuss the important criteria of outcome measurement. We will also talk about the allocation of the three resources, out of five resources, so that, we can improve the effectiveness of the ...

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