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    evaluate the effectiveness of a PR campaign

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    I need to know what are some strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of a PR campaign??? As many as possible thank you

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    First of all, let us see some of the major considerations which should be kept in mind before evaluating the effectiveness of PR Campaign:

    1. Setting Specific Measurable PR Goals and Objectives
    This has to come first. No one can really measure the effectiveness of anything, unless they
    first figure out exactly what it is they are measuring that something against. So, to begin, the public relations practitioner, counselor and/or research supplier ought to ask: What are or were the goals or objectives of the specific public relations program, activity, strategy or tactic? What exactly did the program or the activities hope to accomplish -- through its public relations component?

    2. Measuring PR Outputs
    Outputs are usually the immediate results of a particular PR program or activity. More
    often than not, outputs represent what is readily apparent to the eye. Outputs measure how well an organization presents itself to others, the amount of exposure that the organization receives.

    3. Measuring PR Outtakes
    Although it is obviously important to measure how well an organization presents itself to
    others and the amount of exposure obtained, it is even more important to measure PR outtakes --
    that is, determining if key target audience groups actually received the messages directed at them, paid attention to them, understood and/or comprehended the messages, and whether they retained the messages and can recall them in any shape or form.

    4. Measuring PR Outcomes
    As important as it might be to measure PR outputs and outtakes, it is far more important to
    measure PR outcomes. These measure whether the communications materials and messages ...

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    I need to know what are some strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of a PR campaign?