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    Measuring Public Relations

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    How is the effectiveness of public relations best measured? Explain your answer.

    What are three types of evaluation techniques used in PR? Provide examples of each.

    At what stage of the PR campaign should evaluation occur? Explain your answer.

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    According to Porter, most public relations (PR) practitioners have started measuring the effectiveness of public relations because most clients expect a form of measurement of how effective an agency, or an in-house team or a group of both, in their PR program implementation. However, there has been no widely accepted standard to measure PR so there is no way that an accurate measurement can be done. Most PR firms have their own method of evaluating PR. Among them are using sales models to evaluate the success of media relations campaigns. On the marketing side, "media" is considered "prospects" and in the case of telemarketing, which involves pitching media outlets which leads to outbound sales, the value of the PR program is measured by the organization's ability to convert customers into buyers.

    In public opinion or audience sentiment, this becomes more complicated as it is hard to automate these types of processes. In the technology side using the online strategies, PR firms adopt many tools on the market, e.g., URLs for each campaign, unique phone numbers. Others monitor traffic and lead generation arising from publicity campaigns until they have reached transactions. This seems to be a sensible method as there must be a contribution in the achievement of the organization's goals and objectives such as increase in revenue and sales, improved customer relations and retention, and other measurable outcomes (Porter).

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