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    Corporate Social Responsibility: Public Relations Approach

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    Reflect on corporate citizenship and specifically the benefits of a public relations approach to corporate sustainability strategy.

    Consider the Environmental Protection Agency: Based on the agency's mission and practice, who has the company identified as its core and fringe stakeholders? Based on your own perspective, critically discuss about how the business is engaging those stakeholders in light of Chapter 1.

    Source: Making Sustainability Work: Best Practices in Managing and Measuring Corporate Social, Environmental, and Economic Impacts (2nd Edition) - Chapter 1

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    A public relations approach to corporate sustainability strategy has several benefits. The communications becomes a vehicle of sharing with the world the progress the business is making or the world may not know about the progress. A good strategy is that PR should go light on corporate sustainability initiatives till the achievements are substantial. It should not be artificial. Corporate sustainability has several benefits for the company practicing them. Customers are attracted to products of sustainable businesses. Corporate social responsibility improves labor relations and motivates employees. The government is influenced by corporate social responsibility. The lenders and creditors offer better terms to companies that practice corporate social responsibility. Finally, investors and shareholders examine carefully the corporate social responsibility initiatives of companies. The public relations approach to corporate social responsibility helps build a strong relation with stakeholders. What is harmful is green washing that is to create a benefit by appearing to be a green company. In such companies the PR promotes green based environmental initiatives or images but ...

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