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Public relation opportunities for Starbucks

What are the public relation opportunities for Starbucks.

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The public relation department is a very important department in the company. It is charged with the task of enhancing the company's reputation to the general public. Public relations experts are good communicators who not only protector the company's reputation, but they also provide vital information about the company to the media and the public as a whole. In today's market world, there is a lot of competition that the company must make itself standout from other competitors. In other words, the company must devise strategies that make them more appealing and interesting not only to the media but also to the public. Starbucks have a lot of tools at their disposal that they can use to improve the company's public relation. Discussed below are some of the opportunities that Starbucks can use to improve its public image.

Corporate social responsibility:
In order for Starbucks to win the admiration of the public, it must become a corporate citizen. Corporate social responsibility ensures that the company follows the laws, have put ...

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