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    Purpose and Value Integrated Marketing Paper

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    Prepare a 700-1,050-word paper in which you describe the purpose and value of integrated marketing. In your paper, investigate a company and determine if the company has an integrated marketing campaign. If the company has an integrated marketing plan, what value does it add? If the company doesn't have an integrated marketing plan, how might the company benefit from having an integrated marketing plan?

    Be sure to properly cite your references. If you used an electronic source, include the URL. If you used a printed source please attach a copy of the data to your paper.

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    Purpose and Value of Integrated Marketing

    Integrated Marketing
    In the field of marketing, integrated marketing is an emerging issue. Integrated Marketing Strategy can be defined as plan made for the outcome of the hoards of work by the company's department. This is carried out with an objective to serve the interests of the various customers. Micheal J. Etzel, et al. stated in their book that integrated marketing exists at two levels - first, the various functions of marketing i.e. advertising, product management, customer service and marketing research that must function together. These functions of marketing must be aligned with each other for them to play a major role in the market that affects the customers. Second level is that the marketing must cover other departments also. It should not work as a sole department, but should be updated about the other departments that being affected by its marketing tools and techniques (Etzel, Walker, Stanton & Pandit, 2007, pg. 488).
    Purpose and Value of Integrated Marketing
    The approach of integrated marketing entails integrated marketing communication plan within it. According to Deb Rapacz and Martin Reilly, the main purpose of the integrated marketing plan is to promote the products and services of the organization and create awareness among all the consumers about the facilities of the company. It can be said that it is a holistic approach planned with an objective of encouraging the promotion of buying and selling of goods and services in the digital economy. It includes marketing channels in both offline and online mode (Rapacz & Reilly, 2008).
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