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Purpose, Benefit and Strategy of Integrated Marketing Campaign

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Purpose and Value of Integrated Marketing

Write a paper in which you describe the purpose and value of integrated marketing. In the paper determine how you think the company could use an integrated marketing campaign for any products they sell. Address the following in your paper:

How might the company benefit from having an integrated marketing plan?

What strategies might the company want to consider to generate specific marketing outcomes?

What analysis will be needed to generate those outcomes?

APA standards with renferences

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Integrated Marketing


Integrated marketing is related with the communication and delivery of values to its stakeholders. In the process of integrated marketing, marketer focuses on all aspects of marketing communication like advertising, sales promotion; direct marketing and public relation, etc. The main purpose of integrated marketing is to enhance the joint effects of marketing activities through alignment of whole organization's functions and strategies (Belch, 2003). Integrated marketing have value in terms of identifying organization's position into competitive market. It is also important for the organization to aware its customer's for its products. The company can use integrated marketing for successfully selling their products into competitive market (Belch, 2003).


Integrated marketing plan focuses on communication and delivery of the value of the products among customers. Through using integrated marketing, the company can attract and aware its customer's towards its product. It is also helpful for the firm to understand the needs and wants of the customers. The benefits of integrated marketing for the company can be discussed as following:

Competitive Advantage: Competitive advantage may be achieved by the company through following integrated marketing strategy. Uniqueness in the firm's delivery system may help to achieve the firm's cost and quality advantage. By using this marketing strategy, the company may take benefits of location advantage through using appropriate promotional strategy (Hulbert, Capon & Piercy, 2005).

Increase Sales: Sales may be increased through integrated marketing. With the help of this marketing, the company can deliver its impact full message to its customers. In the competitive world, it is important to make impact of the delivered message on customer's mind. It will help to ...

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The purpose, value, benefit and strategy of integrated marketing campaigns are examined.