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    Social Marketing Plan Proposal
    Write a marketing plan proposal for the social issue that was the subject of the Identification of a Social Cause Memo assignment. Identify a social cause that would benefit from a social marketing campaign. Then create a written marketing plan strategy that addresses this social issue. Social marketing plan proposals will be assessed based on (a) the degree to which the requirements of the assignment were followed, (b) basic writing mechanics skills demonstrated, and (c) proper citing of literary sources per APA guidelines.

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    To: Society or Social Community
    From: XYZ
    Date: June 19, 2015
    Subject: Social Cause Memo

    //Social issue identification and spreading awareness to the society is essential to protect the society from ill or harmful consequences. In this regard, this social cause memo assignment has reflected the social issue of passive smoking to make people aware of the seriousness of this social issue and its ultimate causes.//
    Social Issue
    Social issue identification and resolution is very significant to secure interests of the social community and for the development of the nation. The social issue is a social problem that is considerably against health and safety of the individuals within a society. In the contemporary global community, the issue of passive smoking is highly prevalent that is affecting the health aspects of humankind in an indirect way (Passive Smoking, 2015). The intense increase in the rate of smoking is resulting in the negative effects of passive smoking on adults and children. In order to keep a check on this social issue and deal with it effectively, a social marketing campaign can be proved an effective route as it leads to spreading awareness towards the criticality of the social issue of passive smoking. According to NHS (2015), passive smoking increases health issues such as cancer, lungs and respiratory problems as the cigarette smoke remains in the environment for around 2.5 hours (NHS, 2015).
    //The discussion of the social issue of passive smoking is reflected in the above section. In this same context, this section of the memo has demonstrated social marketing strategy/campaign for the identification of this social issue. Proposed social marketing campaign or strategy for passive smoking issue is exhibited below.//
    Social Marketing Campaign/Strategy
    This marketing campaign plan is being proposed to spread awareness of the ill effects of passive smoking on the human health specifically the health of children and old age people. This social marketing plan would provide benefit to a society to understand the extent to which breathing in the cigarette smoke is a matter of serious concern to maintain good health. Moreover, this proposed campaign also demonstrates diseases caused from the smoke of different tobacco such as cigars, cigarettes, hookahs and pipe tobacco. The diseases caused are heart and lung cancer disease, and other diseases like asthma, bronchitis, infection and loss of hearing in children (NHS, 2015; Passive Smoking, 2015). In this regard, social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter have been undertaken in this marketing strategy to target large mass of population so that they can be aware of this social cause or issue. These social media channels are also helpful in engaging the individuals through detailed dialogue sharing that would understand about passive smoking issue and its ill effect on the good health and happiness (Yang, Greenberg & Endsley, 2012).
    //I hope, the assistance provided by me is quite sufficient to address the queries. It will ...

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