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Healthcare Marketing Social Media

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Social Media

What is social media and the technology tools it involves.
- What are the pros and cons of using social media in healthcare marketing,
- What are the ethical, legal, and security issues that should be considered.
- What are the reason that social media should not be utilize in addition to traditional marketing tactic

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Healthcare marketing and social media is examined.

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What is social media and the technology tools it involves.

In basic terms, social media is a communication tool that emphasizes two-way communication. For instance, a social media website would be a tool that interacts with the user while providing information and receiving information from the user. Many popular social media sites such as Facebook, Flixter, Netflix, and Twitter, utilize information entered by the user and customizes the information that that user receives. The technology tools required for social media is varied and in many ways innovative. There has been a recent trend in technology tools such as Web 2.0, the internet, 'the cloud', and computers. Tools that emphasize speed and direct communication with the user have ...

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