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Channel Distribution in Healthcare Organizations

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Please help me examine a healthcare organization's distribution channels and identify what channel is used. Help me explain how an organization works to meet the demands of the consumers by answering the following questions: How is the distribution channel effective in meeting the demands of the consumers? What improvements would you recommend to ensure the demands of the current consumers are being met? How can the channel be improved in order to increase the consumer base that is not utilizing the products or services being offered by a healthcare organization?

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The channel distributions in healthcare organizations are examined. How distribution channels are effective in meeting the demands of the consumers are determined.

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Kaiser Permanente is a managed healthcare organization offering healthcare services to the public and to employees. The organization provides health services through physician groups and hospital services through member facilities. Distribution channels for Kaiser include hospitals and physician groups where patients are referred to hospitals. Employers who offer healthcare plans through Kaiser also serve as distribution channels.

The distribution channels are effective in meeting the demands of consumers. This is particularly true for Kaiser Permanente clinic facilities, where many services are organized in large multi-specialty and multi-service facilities. The physician group as a channel for hospital services is appropriate, as patients must be admitted to receive care. However, emergency room staff or ...

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