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    What are the pros and cons of using the web as a distribution channel? Are there some situations where it should not be a part of the channel mix?

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    //This query is concerned with using web as a 'Distribution Channel' and you are required to define the pros and cons of using it. In addition to this, find the situations, when, it should not be a part of channel mix. I am going to help you on this topic in order to fulfill your query. //

    Pros & Cons of Web Distribution Channel
    In the current scenario, a distribution channel plays an important role in the smooth supply of the products and services of an organization. It also helps to ship the goods globally from one nation to another nation. Web, as a distributor channel, helps an organization to work with various models of a business. It also helps to collaborate with the different business partners that provides a better pricing and also develops an effective supply chain (Web Enabling Your Sales and Distribution Channel, 2008).
    //In the following points, we will discuss the advantages, which a firm can obtain, while using web as a distribution channel. //


    The following are the important advantages of the web, when it is used as the distribution channel in the organization: -
    Development of new markets - The web, as a distribution channel, provides new market segments to the management of the organization. It provides or develops more information for those markets where the business can sell its product and services.
    Large customer base and feedback - The web distribution channel ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 867 words with references.