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Marketing and Marketing Communication

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We learned about marketing communication this week and also discussed marketing concepts in general. Explain the difference between marketing and marketing communications. Be sure to support your answer.

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The major difference between marketing and marketing communications is the fact that marketing involves the process of communicating or illustrating to a customer base how a product or given set of products satisfies their needs and wants, or has the ability to satisfy their needs or wants if they are purchased. The activity ...

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1. What is "copy testing"? Explain its use.

2. What are subliminal stimuli? Give an example.

3. What are transformational advertisements? Give an example.

4. Explain the difference between purposeful learning and incidental learning?

5. Differentiate between "think" and "feel" products. Give an example of each.

6. Develop an effective marketing-communication strategy for a company and product of your choice.

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