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    Marketing Communications in China

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    1. Integrated Marketing Communication Paper

    Based on the Research Methodologies information, prepare an outline of a:
    a) Marketing communication program for XYZ, Inc.'s product in China.

    b) Determine the marketing communication components that you would use

    c) Identify the political, cultural, and social influences that would impact the marketing communication mix (e.g. personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, sponsorship, public relations, publicity, and direct marketing) for the country you selected.

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    STEP 1
    Marketing Communications program for XYZ product in China.

    1. Targeted area: The targeted area of communication in China will be Beijing-Tianjin- Tangshan area, Liaoning Province, Wuhan and Shanghai. These areas are likely to be most productive for targeting the marketing communication.

    2. Communication Contents: The communication will stress the relationships as the most important factors. For example, the advertisements will stress on a family background. Next the elements of Chinese culture will be added to the communication. Finally, the business message, that is the product, the product features and the brand will be stressed. This marketing communication strategy is likely to be most successful.

    3. Communication Media: As the Chinese stress the importance of their relationship and as television viewing in China is a family activity, the television will be used as a media of communication to the Chinese.

    4. Persuasive Elements: The Chinese have a history of art and philosophy, therefore the contents of every television ad will carry a depiction of Chinese are and an element of Confucius' philosophy. This combination will make the ads appeal to the Chinese audience and persuade them to purchase our product.

    STEP 2

    Determine the marketing communication components that you ...

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